Usand Group Chiro Centre

usand groupIf your body is in a state of physical discomfort and it is affecting your daily life, maybe you should consider seeing a Usand Group chiropractor.

Your body may be a temple, but every temple needs to be adjusted and maintained. Whether there are aches and pains all over your body or your immune system has been put through the ringer, you can count on The Usand Group Chiropractor Centre to help you get back on your feet and feeling better than ever.

You will be welcomed by a professional clinic staff that is prepared to offer any support and service required by the clientele. The Usand Group Centre is fully cerfitifed for custom orthotics, digital posture analysis and accompanied by a health specialist to compose a custom exercise plan to fulfill your wellness goals.

An elite team of chiropractic specialists are prepared to work out any physical ailment that you may be experiencing. The Usand Chiropractor Centre was founded by Charlie Dennis, a health and fitness enthusiast that hopes to help everyone he can with the world-renowned treatment methods he provides.

Dr. Dennis graduated at the top of his class from North Western Health and Sciences University and soon earned his college degree and license to begin work at his very own private facility. Having battled with sports injuries that side lined his basketball career, Dr. Dennis knows better than anyone that the chiropractic services he can provide are essential to any athlete.

Since opening his practice, Charlie has maintained a steady clientele list of regular people and professional athletes. Seeing all kinds of injuries from different walks of life has allowed Dr. Dennis to grow as a healer and is always looking to improve his methods.

The Usand Group Is Fully Equiped

The Usand Chiropractic Centre comes equipped with 4 state of the art treatment rooms, with computerized spinal treatment, class IV laser devices and spinal decompression equipment.

Most of The Usand Centre’s technologies and equipment have been accumulated from international medical trade shows, in order to find top of the line products, to better our patient’s experience. As well as 2 massage therapy rooms that offers a more traditional approach to chiropractic methods, providing a comfortable atmosphere for more holistic treatments. Some of which include, acupuncture, deep massage and naturopathy.

The treatments that are provided are pain free, non-invasive and all natural, allowing every patient to leave feeling happier and healthier.

the usand group chiroAlong with the science behind the healing factors of chiropractic work, there are lots of natural factors that contribute to a person’s wellbeing as well. This unique method, in which The Usand Centre applies both, has created a recipe for success for any client in need of relief.

More and more people are looking to achieve a higher level of health beyond symptom management or prevention of disease. Aligning you’re mental, physical and emotional levels is what’s becoming the new norm for wellness oriented people.

The all-around method of wellness can be achieved by the treatments that Usand provides. Our specialists will strive to enhance every client’s wellbeing and overall performance on a daily basis.

The Usand Group Clinic is committed to finding the root of your problem. Using our expertise and tools to improve every client’s quality of life is what Dr. Dennis and the certified staff tries to do every day. All our specialists keep up to date on current research and are always looking to better the method in which to treat patients.

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